My Skin Care: A Life Balanced

Hi Beautifuls,  I wanted to share with you all what I use to keep my skin healthy inside and out.  I great part about this is all products came from one company, A Life Balanced and yessssssss it’s a black owned business!!!  Below are some of my favorite products I use daily and or weekly.


Oatmeal Face Scrub:  Oatmeal contains 18 different amino acids, which are essential to healthy skin. Amino acids act as building blocks for the body, helping to rebuild tissue and promote healing. Your face can absorb amino acids from the oatmeal in this scrub to help heal blemishes, smooth skin without irritation and repair damaged skin.oatmeal






Hydrating Mist:  Hydrating Mist is mild toner that’s perfect for any skin type. Often an overlooked step in skincare, toning plays an important role. This step adjusts the pH of the skin, removes any remaining oil or dirt after cleansing and keeps your pores clear and healthy.toner






Facial Butter Cream:  Natural Handmade Facial Butter Cream leaves your face feeling luxurious with a silky smooth texture that melts into your skin, creating an intensive moisturizing treat to your skin. face butter






View my video for more details on these are more A Life Balanced products!!!


IJJLook On The Go: New Level #getlikeme

I love fashion!!! Especially the freedom to express your personality through style.  Here is another IJJLook On The Go…Enjoy!!! #beyou #ijjstyle #lovefashion #expressyourself

Queen!!! 👑👑👑

I wear a Crown everyday…Today I Reveal it to You!!


Crown: GeminiFlyII
Foundation: MAC prolong wear waterproof
Brows: Anastasia brow pencil
Eyes: Ulta Rose Gold Pallette
Cheeks: NYX Beach Babe and Strictly Chic
Lips: NYX Soft Spoken
Highlights: Ulta Pink Diamonds
MUFE: Face powder
MAC Fix+

Re-discovering MARY KAY!!!

Beautifuls, I’m excited to say that I found a renewed love for Mary Kay.  Its been about two years since I’ve used or purchased Mary Kay cosmetics.  It wasn’t because I didn’t like the products I used…One day I said to myself “self if you can purchase Mary Kay, then you can afford MAC”  and that’s what happen I “upgraded” to MAC and slowly but surely other high end brands like Lancôme`, It Cosmetics, Becca to name a few.  While of course discovering more and more drug store brands.

Several months ago an old Co-worker was like “Jackie I know you like makeup…my wife sells Mary Kay.  Let her do a facial with you”.  Needless to say I never took the opportunity to meet with her until the other day.  I was hesitant on setting up this appointment because for 1. I stopped using Mary Kay and 2. I was on a no makeup buy.  So I figured I would go knowing I wouldn’t purchased anything…LIES!!!  I did the facial ( cleanse, moisture, prime) those products were great as well.  Then Brenda introduced me to cream to powder foundation.  I love the fact the color match is perfect.  I can barley tell I have the foundation on.  With the choice of eye colors, mascara and lippie I feel in love with Mary Kay all over again.  For more product details refer to the picture below.