Natural Hair

One of the best choices I’ve made in life, was the decision to revert my hair back to its natural state.  Why you may ask??? The  most important reason was for my health.  For some time now, I was becoming more and more aware of the types of food I was consuming in my body.  Then one day it dawned on me.  What about the chemical products I’m using on my body…especially when processing my hair.  I knew it was time to let the “LYE” go when my hair became severely thin, shedding, and breakage.

After several months of research and 4 months of “TRANSITIONING”, on August 14, 2012, I decided to do the “BIG CHOP” and never looked back.  The best advice I can give any woman who’s thinking about going Natural again is to do your research.   Start simple and stick with the basics.


If I didn’t take my time to do the research going Natural and doing the “BIG CHOP” would have been a complete nightmare for me.  I’m a FIRM believer of this is why many return to the “Creamy Crack”.

So Ladies do your research and know that social media is your best friend!!!  Good Luck and enjoy your journey XOXOXO!!!