The Panel Episode 1: A Reboot with a TWIST


I am so proud to launch my latest podcast featuring the very talented Jackie, Rhayne

& Ms. Jackie

On the DEBUT episode we discuss Dressing as a Curvy Girl in the summer. We talk sex positions that get men an women FIRED UP and what we can do without. We discuss how do creatives wind down when they are not in “creative mode” We also discuss Recreational drug use.

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The Pod Panel Episode 17: The @BaebyHuey Episode


We enjoyed recording with our very Special Guest !!
We were honored to have @BaebyHuey on the episode.

We discussed #JanetJackson
We talked about self care, depression, therapy

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Jackie & John The Podcast Episode 6: Sideways from Sunday


We are BACCCK with Episode 6. This week we discuss our trip to Houston where we met up with our #Gemini brother Curtis of the Critically acclaimed podcast @GaysideStories

We share our #BitchWhat for this episode.

If you have a Bitch What call in 202-643-8776

We talk about May #Geminis and June #Geminis

Jackie is problematic per usual lmaooooo
We thank @JayOmega for letting us use “Fake Energy” from the #ShamelessLP
We talk about MESS and SHADE and how to manuver through these podcast streets
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Executive Producer: @DramaDupree


Jackie & John The Podcast Episode 2: You Didn’t Die


We are getting personal yet again. Call into the show to share yout #BitchWhat moment!!!

Thank you in advance for checking us out.

Please share, comment, repost.


Jackie & John

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