How to Style Locs: Pigtails & Shags

This was a cute simple style I wanted to share with my Beautifuls.  Thank you for watching LIKE ~ SUBSCRIBE ~ SHARE!!!


Finally a Wash N GO I Love!!!

Hi Beaufuls, the hair life of a type 4 naturalista can be a challenge. We see so many styles we want to achieve, like a Wash N Go. But the simple reality is type 4 hair isn’t going to look like type 1, 2, or 3. When I faced that reality, I gave up on Wash N Go’s. Until I saw Toni Daley’s Wash N GO video several months ago.  Now it’s summer time and I want to do less work to my hair…so why not attempt a Wash N Go again. This time using the method Toni Daley used via Taren  Guy.  If you want to see my results, check out the video below and thanks for watching!!!

The "Toni" Wig Unboxing!!!

Chicas,  I finally got my hands on the “Toni” wig from Toni Daley.  I heard so many great things about this wig…plus it looks great!!! I had to see for myself.  It’s available in various color options. So I’m sure you will see a color for you.  Toni usually restock a the wigs at the beginning of the month.  They sell out pretty fast and now I see why.  I absolutely love this wig.  Definitely my favorite.   It’s sooooooooo natural looking. This is a synthetic wig but it doesn’t feel like it at all.  Click on the video below to see my unboxing. Wigs are available at  Click on

The Toni Wig!!!