I Do What I Love

People ask me often why I started ImJustJackie? At first I thought it was something to do tp past time. Once I made it past the first 30 days it became something more to me. I began to notice more followers and how they were showing interest in what I was sharing. I’m no expert by no means…I just know what I like and people take interest in what I do to my hair, what I wear, etc…

I love sharing all this information. I don’t have many acquaintances who are natural. So this is a way for me to connect with other Naturalistas who I would probably never encounter. It’s great to see what they like or don’t like, what they are interested in and what they would like to see from me!!! I have connected with so many Naturals in many ways. Besides this blogpost, you can find me on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (links are below).

Having a blog, page, channel, etc has an upside. But best believe there’s a downside that comes with it as well. As a Blogger/Vlogger I put so much of myself in to what I do. I don’t think people realize how much dedication one must have to continuously maintain…When a Blogger/Vlogger says they love you, appreciate your support we mean it!!! Because without the fans, followers, subbies, etc…we wouldn’t be around long.

I truly do this for my fans, followers, subbies…When I bring a new business or product to their attention, give tips on anything from hair to health. I always give them my all, knowing this information and what I do is much appreciated!!!

Thank you Beautifuls  ❤