Eden Bodyworks CoConut Shea Review / Giveaway (closed)

Hey Curly Gurls,¬† Im Just Jackie finally got around to wash day.¬† Today I decided to try the new Eden Bodyworks CoConut Shea product line.¬† I’ve been meaning to do my review a while back because two of my favorites (coconut oil & shea butter) are the main ingredients in the products!!!
Let me tell you something…The scent is heavenly,a lil goes along way, and¬†I’m in love with this new CoConut Shea Line.¬† “She”¬†looks and feels amazing!!! I would absolutely recomend this product to my Naturalistas out there.

Eden Bodyworks CoConut Shea Review / Giveaway Video
  • All Natural Cleansing CoWash:¬† By far my fav cleanser!¬† It is great for detangling
  • All Natural Leave In Conditioner:¬†Used it as a deep conditoner
  • All Natural Pudding Souffle & Curl Defining Creme:¬† I did a mixture ( 2parts souffle, 1part creme)…left my hair extremley moisturized
  • Edge Control:¬† Lays those baby hairs and or tuff edges DOWN!!!
All of these items are on the Eden Bodyworks www.edenbodyworks.com for $8.99 each

Since I enjoyed the Coconut Shea so much…and beacuse I love my Kinks & Curlies, Im Just Jackie is giving away the CoWash, Leave In Conditioner, Pudding Souffle and Curl Defining Creme!!!¬† I truly appreciate you all!!! Enter in the RaffleCopter at the bottom of the page. Or click here:http://bit.ly/WbbReT



SwapSack Review

I know a lot of you subscribe to several monthly box subscriptions. ¬†Then again some of you have subscribed to none. ¬†If you are new to this subscription game, I’m sure you are kind of on the fence on what to try first. Well, Im Just Jackie received a March SwapSack and did a review.
SwapSack is a great starter subscription for anyone who has no subscriptions. ¬†I feel it’s one of the best boxes out there because of cost ($14.50) and the fact that you can swap a product you didn’t like or already have. ¬†Basically, there are two steps when there is ordinarily one. ¬†Which is receiving your subscription every month. ¬†But now there is part two….swapping of unwanted product. I love the concept of SwapSack and the direction it is heading. To see the entire review click on the video clips below.


March SwapSack Part 1 of 2
March SwapSack Part 2 of 2

Kynx Product Review

Kinks & Curlies I had the pleasure to review 4 products from the Kynx hair care line which were in the premier She Don’t Lye monthly subscription service.

I started off with the I am Natural softening cream cleanser. First of all it does contain sulfates which I’m not fond off but I wanted to do a complete review. Ironically, the cleanser did not leave my hair feeling striped. This is the softest my hair has ever felt and it truly cleansed my hair. I rinsed out the cleanser and proceeded to apply the

I am Strong silky kinks hydrating conditioner. Oh man! I love this conditioner!!!! My curls were popping. I’ve never seen curls defined like that when I apply a conditioner. And my hair was still soft. Once I rinsed out the conditioner, I applied my direct leave in conditioner from Cashmere Curls, my oil mix…then I began to style my hair in two strand twist with

I am Free miracle kink cream to damp hair (I posted the results Wednesday evening). I left the twist in all day Thursday. On Friday i applied a small amount of the i am Fierce refreshing leave in moisturizer and followed with my two strand twist out.

My final thoughts: I’ve been using the curly girl method for several weeks now and I really didn’t want to use the cleanser but I must say I do like it because it left my hair feeling baby soft. Also the product had a subtle scent. After cleansing and styling my hair was soft and moisturized. A little of this product goes a long way. I received 4 two ounce samples and I have plenty left to definitely use again. I give Kynx a 3 out of 4 only because of the product(s) containing sulfates. But I do recommend my type 4b/c Kinks to try this.