Small YouTubers Matter!!!


As a YouTuber with a smaller channel, I am here to say WE MATTER!!!  Why are we not shown the same level of respect as a YouTuber with thousands and millions of subscribers.  I guess numbers do matter huh???  It’s bad enough Big Businesses overlook us.  But it’s worse when your fellow YouTuber will not collaborate to create content with you because your numbers are not equal to theirs.  I don’t blame “Big Businesses” for not working with smaller channels.  I blame my counterparts.  Maybe if the larger channels would show us smaller channels some respect by working and mentoring us, maybe “Big Businesses” will open their eyes and see we are a force as well.  I say DO Better…BE Better!!! We are in this together.  

Click the link below to watch the video for further discussion.  Thank you 🙂

Big Business Relationships with Small YouTubers


Carefree Black Nerds – Episode 8


In episode 8 we talk about Sammy Sosa bleaching his skin and more in the first half. In the second half after the flip we dive into comics with our new permanent rotating panelist @carefreeblerd. Which is better DC or Marvel? Who’s your favorite X Men? Favorite character in general?

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Standing Ovation featuring Special Guest Star @DannyAndCleo – Episode 6


This is OFFICIALLY The Most LIT episode of The Pod Panel we have ever recorded. Danny joined Jackie and myself and the product was INSANE. It was quite the pleasure to have such an amazing talent on the show.

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There was NO FORMAT, just three bright personalities.