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Hi Beautifuls, many of you know Im an avid podcast listener. So when John of The John Effect Podcast asked me to be a panelist on The Pod Panel, I said yes instantly. And the rest is history. If you want to hear another side to ImJustJackie then give The Pod Panel a listen. We are a bi-weekly podcast which consist of three Geminis and 1 Cancer who just share their everyday life and thoughts based around current events…come join the conversation. I must warn you, the conversations maybe to much for your ears!!! Oh and be on the look out for Jackie & John The Podcast coming soon!!!


Small Business Spotlight | Captivating Creations


I’m always excited to share businesses I support with my Beautifuls!!!.  This one brings me even more joy because the owner is a supporter of ImJustJackie.   Anesha Dyonne is the Owner and Creator of Captivating Creations.  Specializing in homemade goods for Natural Hair Queens, you will find hand crafted items such as Silk-lined Bonnets and Shower / Conditioning Caps.  Anesha has been a DIY Queen for quite some time.  Now she has taken her talents and started her entrepreneur journey with Captivating Creations.  Take a moment to read the Q &A and learn more about Anesha and Captivating Creations!!!


Q.  Can you tell us a little about your company (name, what you offer, when established, etc)?A.  Captivating creations started in 2001. I had no plans to start a business, but business found me! I began by recreating jewelry that I liked in magazines & stores. At the time, beaded jewelry was the rage; gemstones, glass, & metal beading. I would make my creations to wear to church and work. Ladies wanted to know where I purchased my earrings, bracelets, & necklaces. So when told that I made it, I had customers! They were captivated with my creations. Hence, the name!

Q.  What was your inspiration behind starting the brand and for each design?

A.  Now, after many years of personal shopping, styling, home decor, and even crocheting; CC makes satin bonnets! I have always created what I needed or wanted. After going back to my natural hair state, I once again saw a need. I have a lot of dense curly hair and could never find a bonnet or shower cap big enough. So, I created my own.

Q.  What distinguishes your product from other brands?

A.  The one thing that people should know about CC bonnets, is that a real person is making every item. Society is so focused on quick & cheap, that people forget how unique and valuable handcrafted items are. I don’t have a team or business coach, I’m the whole show!

Q.  What challenges have you faced with starting the line?
A.  The challenges with refreshing a business or dream, is that there is no new thing under the sun! Someone is always creating something; perfecting it, making it bigger or better. My main obstacle is my thoughts on how I want to do business. Which is honestly, efficiently, and debt free!

Q.  Do you have any advice that you would offer to an aspiring entrepreneur?

A.  My advice for any black woman who has a love for something that she wants to share with the world, is don’t compare yourself or your dream to others! Do it even if only one person buys it!  Do business without harming other black women!

Q.  And finally, how do we get our hands on your custom designs?

A.  Captivating Creations is currently on Etsy. Instagram is my visual platform, but am on Facebook as well. Anyone who is interested in custom bonnets or shower caps can also email (captivatingcreationsandmore@gmail) or direct message. I will give fair and realistic estimates


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Small Business Spotlight | Captivating Creations


Small YouTubers Matter!!!


As a YouTuber with a smaller channel, I am here to say WE MATTER!!!  Why are we not shown the same level of respect as a YouTuber with thousands and millions of subscribers.  I guess numbers do matter huh???  It’s bad enough Big Businesses overlook us.  But it’s worse when your fellow YouTuber will not collaborate to create content with you because your numbers are not equal to theirs.  I don’t blame “Big Businesses” for not working with smaller channels.  I blame my counterparts.  Maybe if the larger channels would show us smaller channels some respect by working and mentoring us, maybe “Big Businesses” will open their eyes and see we are a force as well.  I say DO Better…BE Better!!! We are in this together.  

Click the link below to watch the video for further discussion.  Thank you 🙂

Big Business Relationships with Small YouTubers

Carefree Black Nerds – Episode 8


In episode 8 we talk about Sammy Sosa bleaching his skin and more in the first half. In the second half after the flip we dive into comics with our new permanent rotating panelist @carefreeblerd. Which is better DC or Marvel? Who’s your favorite X Men? Favorite character in general?

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