Small Business Spotlight Feature: Dope Crochet


Peace Kinks & Curlies Dope Crochet is Im Just Jackie Small Business Spotlight Feature of the week. Dope Crochet specializes in crochet accessories…hats, earrings, scarves, etc…I’ve had the pleasure of featuring Dope Crochet before.  And I’m even more excited to showcase Ericka’s creations again.  To see more of Dope Crochet creations, go to the website Click on the link below to view the Spotlight video.

Kynx Product Review

Kinks & Curlies I had the pleasure to review 4 products from the Kynx hair care line which were in the premier She Don’t Lye monthly subscription service.

I started off with the I am Natural softening cream cleanser. First of all it does contain sulfates which I’m not fond off but I wanted to do a complete review. Ironically, the cleanser did not leave my hair feeling striped. This is the softest my hair has ever felt and it truly cleansed my hair. I rinsed out the cleanser and proceeded to apply the

I am Strong silky kinks hydrating conditioner. Oh man! I love this conditioner!!!! My curls were popping. I’ve never seen curls defined like that when I apply a conditioner. And my hair was still soft. Once I rinsed out the conditioner, I applied my direct leave in conditioner from Cashmere Curls, my oil mix…then I began to style my hair in two strand twist with

I am Free miracle kink cream to damp hair (I posted the results Wednesday evening). I left the twist in all day Thursday. On Friday i applied a small amount of the i am Fierce refreshing leave in moisturizer and followed with my two strand twist out.

My final thoughts: I’ve been using the curly girl method for several weeks now and I really didn’t want to use the cleanser but I must say I do like it because it left my hair feeling baby soft. Also the product had a subtle scent. After cleansing and styling my hair was soft and moisturized. A little of this product goes a long way. I received 4 two ounce samples and I have plenty left to definitely use again. I give Kynx a 3 out of 4 only because of the product(s) containing sulfates. But I do recommend my type 4b/c Kinks to try this.


Small Business Spotlight Wrap Up: Flowers From Fatima


Small Business Spotlight Wrap Up: Flowers From Fatima @FlowersFFatima


Peace Fam, for the past two week Im Just Jackie has had the pleasure of showcasing creations of Flowers From Fatima. As the feature comes to a close on Friday, just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Fatima and I hope you all enjoyed Flowers From Fatima!!! Check out the video and see what new pieces I got!!!