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Natural Hair: Product Review & Demo My DNA

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LetsKeepIt💯 Season 2 Episode 11: CLOUT!!!

#LetsKeepIt💯 Viewer’s Choice Episode!!!

Nicole & Jackie made this episode about the viewers.  We appreciate each and everyone of you💯💯💯
How Long are you willing to be in a Long Distance Relationship
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LetsKeepIt💯 Season 2 Episode 10: I Can’t Go For That

@MsNicoleBanks & @im_just_jackie brought the topics this week!!!

#LetsKeepIt💯 June 21st Show Topics
1. Cheat Babies

2. Ex Man to Next Man

3. Hoe Phase

*Fine Man Friday

Could you accept your mate and the break baby?

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LetsKeepIt💯 Season 2 Episode 9: Kidnapped and Pistil Whipped

Friday’s at 9pm join us for An Interactive Conversation with @msnicolebanks and @im_just_jackie.

#LetsKeepIt💯 June 7th Show Topics
1. Hey Auntie

2. Kidnapped & pistol whipped

3. Deadly vacations

*People of Twitter
*man Friday

Why are some of so obsessed with inviting people to the BBQ?

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LetsKeepIt💯 Season 2 : Episode 8 Roc Boyz

@msnicolebanks and @im_just_jackie are back with Episode 8:  Roc Boyz.  Join the conversation as we discuss the following

  1.  Scammers in ATL #moneymoves
  2. Dating Apps
  3. I dated a drug dealer
  4. Can a relationship survive after a proposal is turned down
  5. People of Twitter

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Jackie & John The Podcast Episode 22: The Art of Shade with Special Guest: @trillificent ‬

Your FAVORITE Duo @thejohneffect & im_just_jackie are back and joined by a VERY VERY
Special Guest !!! Reunited and it feels so Good.

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