Celebrating 30 Days of Im Just Jackie / Giveaway Winner

Peace Fam, back in February I ran my very firt giveaway!!! I wanted to let my fans/followers know how much I appreciated there support from day one. What better way than to have a giveaway. When I first started Im Just Jackie, I was reaching out to several businesses and friends to let them know what I was doing. One particular business owner responded and asked me if I would like to have a giveaway…I responded I’m not ready for that yet but when I am, you will be the first person I contact. So 30 days later I contacted Eugene, owner of “my black skin is…” and the rest is history.

The winner of the Celebrating 30 Days of Im Just Jackie was Jackie Milan. Who was gracious enough to post a picture wearing her prize “my blackskin is powerful” tee. Thanks Jackie, you look amazing!!!



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