Small Business Spotlight Feature: Gemini FlyII

Small Business Spotlight Feature: Gemini FlyII

Alright now Fam it’s time to introduce some FLYNESS in your life!!!  Im Just Jackie presents to you all Gemini FlyII!!!     The owner, Ginger, was so kind to take time out for a Q&A. So take a moment and read about Ginger and Gemini FlyII and take advantage of the discount code BADDIEGEMINI, to save 25% on your order!!!  Thank you Ginger, much continued success to you!!!

Q.  What is your name and where are you from?

A.  My name is Ginger and I’m from Birmingham, Alabama

Q.  Can you tell us a little about your company (name, what you offer, when established, etc)?

A.  The name of my company is Gemini FlyII and I create fly and unique jewelry. I specialize in Avant Garde Style Earrings that are sometimes big in size yet very easy on the ear lobes. I’ve been in the jewelry game a little shy of 3 years and creating right along 2 year. Found my passion!

Q.  What was your inspiration behind starting the brand and for each design?

A.  My inspiration is my daughter, Zoey. I decided to start a business that would bring in income from home, so that I could stay home with her for the beginning of her life. I’m a product of corporate america and my soul needed to show my child that working for others is great but creating your own is even better.  Gemini FlyII represents the two sides of style that live in us all. The conservative and the Fly that coexist in all of my designs to provide a unique flavor of wearable art. No two pair of anything I make is alike, so everyone gets a signature pair.

Q.  What distinguishes Gemini FlyII from other brands?

A.  Gemini FlyII is a brand that is not limited to anything. I don’t want to limit myself by only providing accessories for women, but I want everyone to be able to wear Gemini FlyII. I also, have a t-shirt and accessory line on

Q. What challenges have you faced with starting the line?
A. I am from the south and even though fashion has moved forward by milestones, sometimes anything that is different has a slow response. It may take seeing my pieces on me or someone else and how they rock ’em before it is received in my hometown. However, I now have a regional clientale that absouletly get me and my work. I plan to broaden my home base to make it an even playing feel. Everyone should wear Gemini FlyII. It’s dope!
Q. What personal goals would you like to accomplish with your business?
A. I would like to expand my business and reach the celebrity clientale. I feel my platform is not just limited to the audience that I currently have.
Q. Do you have any advice that you would offer to an aspiring entrepreneur?
A. Write out a plan for your business and don’t be afraid to try. I meet talented people everyday that don’t believe in themselves. If you don’t believe in yourself and your product no one will believe in you.
Q. And finally, how do we get our hands on Gemini FlyII
A. I have an etsy shop: I’m on Instagram @itsgeminifly. and Gemini FlyII on Facebook.

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