GET IT CHICK of the WEEK: 6/5/2013

Peace Kinks & Curlies today I will be starting a new weekly segment called “GET IT CHICK”!!! Basically GIC is where I pick a photo that just screams GIC. A GIC has a style of her own which she is very comfortable expressing. When I see a GIC, it’s like BOOM…Get it Like Me!!!  If you think you’re a GIC submit your photos to with GIC as the subject!!!

I came across my first GIC when I was gathering photos for Im Just Jackie FaceBook page.  At first sight I was like WHOA!!! Im loving everything from head to toe.  The main reason why she is a GIC, when you look at this photo its like you can feel her energy.  She owns it and the “GET IT CHIC” is all over her.  From her hair to her taste in fashion…she is daring and not afraid to show it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this GIC!!!  Let me know what you think!!!



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