Re-discovering MARY KAY!!!

Beautifuls, I’m excited to say that I found a renewed love for Mary Kay.  Its been about two years since I’ve used or purchased Mary Kay cosmetics.  It wasn’t because I didn’t like the products I used…One day I said to myself “self if you can purchase Mary Kay, then you can afford MAC”  and that’s what happen I “upgraded” to MAC and slowly but surely other high end brands like Lancôme`, It Cosmetics, Becca to name a few.  While of course discovering more and more drug store brands.

Several months ago an old Co-worker was like “Jackie I know you like makeup…my wife sells Mary Kay.  Let her do a facial with you”.  Needless to say I never took the opportunity to meet with her until the other day.  I was hesitant on setting up this appointment because for 1. I stopped using Mary Kay and 2. I was on a no makeup buy.  So I figured I would go knowing I wouldn’t purchased anything…LIES!!!  I did the facial ( cleanse, moisture, prime) those products were great as well.  Then Brenda introduced me to cream to powder foundation.  I love the fact the color match is perfect.  I can barley tell I have the foundation on.  With the choice of eye colors, mascara and lippie I feel in love with Mary Kay all over again.  For more product details refer to the picture below.


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