Jackie & John The Podcast Episode 6: Sideways from Sunday

We are BACCCK with Episode 6. This week we discuss our trip to Houston where we met up with our #Gemini brother Curtis of the Critically acclaimed podcast @GaysideStories

We share our #BitchWhat for this episode.

If you have a Bitch What call in 202-643-8776

We talk about May #Geminis and June #Geminis

Jackie is problematic per usual lmaooooo
We thank @JayOmega for letting us use “Fake Energy” from the #ShamelessLP
We talk about MESS and SHADE and how to manuver through these podcast streets
Follow The Podcast Queen herself @im_just_jackie & The Cuban Ear Hustler @thejohneffect
Executive Producer: @DramaDupree



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