Hi Beautifuls, wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you about Wind Passion.  A company specializing  in unique handmade accessories.  Accessories which can be worn with the most causal or black-tie ensemble.

Bracelets, key-chains, bow ties and cuff links for those who demand the best from themselves and others.

Wind Passion is quality is definitely like no other.  wind-passion-store-cord-bracelets

HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS – we use sturdy marine rope for our waterproof bracelets so they could withstand both daily and extreme wear and tear

SOFT, DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE – at the same time our ropes are soft and comfortable, so you can wear your bracelet 24/7 without taking it off

HANDMADE BRACELETS – our nautical bracelets are carefully handcrafted in Europe

UNISEX BRACELETS – braided cord rope bracelet is perfect for both men and women who live active lifestyle or simply love handcrafts

ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL – adjustable marine nautical rope means bracelet will fit any wrist size

I absolutely love the one’s I received.  I can rock them with anything!!!  Don’t take my word for it.  Click on the link to see for yourself and save 25%


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