Let’s Keep It 💯: 2018 It’s A Wrap

This time on Let’s Keep It 💯. I had the opportunity to go Live again with The Empress Nic in NY!!! We discussed our highs and lows of 2018, the King of R n B, when did men become so petty and of course our shits and giggles in between.

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Let’s Keep It💯: Pajama Jammy Jam

Hey Hey Hey unfortunately we weren’t able to retrieve footage from P1. But Pt 2 of the Pajama Party was a mess!!! It started of light but got heated. Be sure to Subscribe to the channel, thumbs up the video and leave comments!!! Enjoy and we will see you all in the New Year!!!


Let’s Keep It 💯: We too old for this Hip Hop?

Hi Beautifuls, Let’s keep It 💯 is a Live interactive Podcast with my Sis Nicole aka @theempressnic and myself.

This broadcast I was able to sit side by side with Nic as we discuss Carter V, Raising Children and Culture and Would you Rather…

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