LetsKeepIt­čĺ» Season 2 Episode 11: CLOUT!!!

#LetsKeepIt­čĺ» Viewer’s Choice Episode!!!

Nicole & Jackie made this episode about the viewers.┬á We appreciate each and everyone of you­čĺ»­čĺ»­čĺ»
How Long are you willing to be in a Long Distance Relationship
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LetsKeepIt­čĺ» Season 2 : Episode 7 For The Love of Jackie

It’s always a good time with @msnicolebanks and @im_just_jackie, the Beautiful ladies of #Letskeepit­čĺ»

Nic & Jackie kick it off with For The Love of Jackie (Email us: lki1hundred@mail.com).

Updates on A Pod Connection Charlotte NC!!! Paypal.me/PodExcellenceWeekend Apodconnection@gmail.com.

The contradictory but related statements made by Ayesha Curry.

Caster Semenya made to competing with men

Joe and Cyn.

Closing it out with People of Twitter and  #QOTW Does Chris Brown deserve forgiveness?

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LetsKeepIt­čĺ» Season 2 : Episode 6 Life Happened!

Life Happened but WE STILL HERE!!! #LetsKeepIt­čĺ» 4/12/2019.┬á This episode Nicole and Jackie bring you all up to speed on whats been happening while they were away. Share their thoughts and opinions about Nipsey Hussle, Wendy Williams along with a “People of Twitter” also a brief talk about finding someone for Ms. Jackie!!!┬á And of course the Shits and Giggles in between.┬á Press play and enjoy and as always thank you for supporting #LetsKeepIt­čĺ»