Life After 40: I am Enough featuring Sincerely Silver

Hi Beautifuls, if you are familiar with my previous Life After 40 blogs, then you know I have struggled after the separation from my ex husband.  For years I lived in self-doubt and fear.  Choosing to accept the crumbs given from my then spouse. Choosing to not let anyone in because I thought I would never be good enough.  After half a decade, I finally was able to see I am Enough.

So when Sincerely Silver said they were sending me one of their classic everyday necklaces, I went directly to the website and the first necklace I saw was “I Am Enough” It must have been a sign.  After overcoming and healing from that broken relationship and knowing that I AM Enough, what better reminder of the affirmation than this necklace.  Immediately I asked “will you send me this necklace” and they did.  I love the simplicity of the lovely sterling silver necklace and what it represents to me. #neverforget #iamenough

Thank you Sincerely Silver!!!


Check out more of Sincerely Silver jewelry here “Be Kind Necklace”


Hi Beautifuls, wanted to take a moment of your time to tell you about Wind Passion.  A company specializing  in unique handmade accessories.  Accessories which can be worn with the most causal or black-tie ensemble.

Bracelets, key-chains, bow ties and cuff links for those who demand the best from themselves and others.

Wind Passion is quality is definitely like no other.  wind-passion-store-cord-bracelets

HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS – we use sturdy marine rope for our waterproof bracelets so they could withstand both daily and extreme wear and tear

SOFT, DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE – at the same time our ropes are soft and comfortable, so you can wear your bracelet 24/7 without taking it off

HANDMADE BRACELETS – our nautical bracelets are carefully handcrafted in Europe

UNISEX BRACELETS – braided cord rope bracelet is perfect for both men and women who live active lifestyle or simply love handcrafts

ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL – adjustable marine nautical rope means bracelet will fit any wrist size

I absolutely love the one’s I received.  I can rock them with anything!!!  Don’t take my word for it.  Click on the link to see for yourself and save 25%

Chrissy’s Knee High Socks

Beautifuls,  wanted to take a moment to tell you all about these fly socks I received from Chrissy’s Socks.  These are not your regular run of the mill socks.  They are super cute stylish knee high socks for the classy sassy in all of us.  I even managed to stay stylish with a broken foot and all!!! The no slip, comfy cozy socks are available in assorted colors at  Thank you Chrissy 💋