Small Business Spotlight Feature: Gritt

Kinks & Curlies I’m absolutely please to present to you SeanMarie presents Gritt!!! You all know I’m an accessory junkie.  So anytime I get to share with you an accessory based business, it’s just a win win all the way around.  I was lucky enough to come across Gritt by chance on YouTube.  I saw her work and fell in love.  Thank you for participating in my small business segment Sean.  Take a moment to view the video and read the feature Q&A to see why I think Gritt is alllllllll that!!! If you love it, take advantage of the 15%  discount using Justjackie  the entire month of June!!!
Q.  What is your name and where are you from?

Hi Guys! My name is Séan Marie.  Séan is not pronounced like Shaun, but like Saun. I am from Baltimore, MD and currently reside in the DMV area. 

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Q.  Can you tell us a little about your company (name, what you offer, when established, etc)?

My company is GRITT. GRITT sells affordable cutting edge jewelry and accessories and will hopefully branch out into clothing in the near future.  I’ve sold jewelry and accessories for over a year, but didn’t start selling my own creations until October 2012.
Q.  What was your inspiration behind starting the brand and for each design?
GRITT started very humbly. I am a HUGE accessory freak and one of my many shopping sprees I stumbled on button stud earrings. The earrings were “cute” but my personal style is a bit more edgy and I love patterns. So instead of purchasing earrings that I thought were only so-so, I decided to make my own. I had no idea that they would take so fast! I’m extremely thankful and humbled by the support I have received. 
Q.  What distinguishes SÉAN MARIE presents Gritt from other brands
Edge. I’m not a conventional person when it comes to personal style so I really try to push the envelope when it comes to the accessories I create. I love love love patterns and I truly enjoy mixing pattern ideas. The Queen Bee GRITT studs I created were so different and while they are 2 different pattern ideas they went perfectly together. That was when I knew I was on to something! 
Q.  What challenges have you faced with starting the line?
My biggest challenge was getting exposure. While I can’t share my “secrets”, I will say this: Don’t be afraid to hear no” and “Every opportunity should be explored, small and large.” Often times we find ourselves saying we are too good to do this or that and when it comes to creating a brand, you in my opinion are never to good. Know what lines you wont cross and be selective of who markets your brand, but never box yourself in and never be afraid to expose yourself.
Q.  What personal goals would you like to accomplish with your business?
Personally, I would like to expand my brand. I love tee shirts and have been exploring different tee ideas. I hope to have a few in the line up by the end of the year… I’m saying it out loud so that I back it up!
Q.  Do you have any advice that you would offer to an aspiring entrepreneur?

Know your worth!  Not every boutique is worthy of carrying your brand. Success only comes from hardwork. If your sleep by 10p, then my guess is you aren’t grinding hard enough!
Q.  And finally, how do we get our hands on SÉAN MARIE presents Gritt?
Check out be sure to also follow me on Instagram @_seanmarie_ and like my page on FaceBook,
*For your loyal followers please use this code to get 15% off your total purchase. This code will be good for the entire month of June!!! 

Q.  Also I know you are also a fellow Naturlista! Why did you decide to go  natural? 

Wow! I’ve been natural for about 9 years! To be honest, I didn’t decide to go natural for any one particular reason. I just decided that my hair was good enough for me and that perms weren’t necessary. Sticking to team natural has not been easy! But I wouldn’t trade the experience, tears and all!

Q.  Did you transition or did you big chop?
I transitioned until I couldn’t anymore. I had decided on a protective style of micro braids and made the mistake (depending on how you look at it) of going back to the braid shop to have them taken out. My hair at the time was a little pass my shoulders and by the time I left the shop I could barely get my hair into a ponytail because they cut so much of my hair out. So that decided what my next step would be. I went to a local natural shop in Baltimore and the stylist cut out all of the hair that was still permed and gave me comb twists! I was shocked at how much I actually loved my shorter natural hair and never looked back. 
Q.  What has been the most rewarding part of your natural hair journey? 
People. For some reason, people think I have this magic secret when it comes to natural hair maintenance and while I don’t, I always answer any questions. I recently went to an Oyin bottling party and met some of the coolest natural hair women! I’ve actually kept in contact with one of the women and we are partnering on a Natural Lifestyle event that will be held in Baltimore on June 22nd. If you are in the area and want some additional information check out the site
Q.  Has anything been a challenge on your journey?
Learning my hair texture and what products actually work well for me. I think every Naturalista has this challenge. But once you overcome the challenge, the options are endless! 


Small Business Spotlight Feature: Gemini FlyII

Small Business Spotlight Feature: Gemini FlyII

Alright now Fam it’s time to introduce some FLYNESS in your life!!!  Im Just Jackie presents to you all Gemini FlyII!!!     The owner, Ginger, was so kind to take time out for a Q&A. So take a moment and read about Ginger and Gemini FlyII and take advantage of the discount code BADDIEGEMINI, to save 25% on your order!!!  Thank you Ginger, much continued success to you!!!

Q.  What is your name and where are you from?

A.  My name is Ginger and I’m from Birmingham, Alabama

Q.  Can you tell us a little about your company (name, what you offer, when established, etc)?

A.  The name of my company is Gemini FlyII and I create fly and unique jewelry. I specialize in Avant Garde Style Earrings that are sometimes big in size yet very easy on the ear lobes. I’ve been in the jewelry game a little shy of 3 years and creating right along 2 year. Found my passion!

Q.  What was your inspiration behind starting the brand and for each design?

A.  My inspiration is my daughter, Zoey. I decided to start a business that would bring in income from home, so that I could stay home with her for the beginning of her life. I’m a product of corporate america and my soul needed to show my child that working for others is great but creating your own is even better.  Gemini FlyII represents the two sides of style that live in us all. The conservative and the Fly that coexist in all of my designs to provide a unique flavor of wearable art. No two pair of anything I make is alike, so everyone gets a signature pair.

Q.  What distinguishes Gemini FlyII from other brands?

A.  Gemini FlyII is a brand that is not limited to anything. I don’t want to limit myself by only providing accessories for women, but I want everyone to be able to wear Gemini FlyII. I also, have a t-shirt and accessory line on

Q. What challenges have you faced with starting the line?
A. I am from the south and even though fashion has moved forward by milestones, sometimes anything that is different has a slow response. It may take seeing my pieces on me or someone else and how they rock ’em before it is received in my hometown. However, I now have a regional clientale that absouletly get me and my work. I plan to broaden my home base to make it an even playing feel. Everyone should wear Gemini FlyII. It’s dope!
Q. What personal goals would you like to accomplish with your business?
A. I would like to expand my business and reach the celebrity clientale. I feel my platform is not just limited to the audience that I currently have.
Q. Do you have any advice that you would offer to an aspiring entrepreneur?
A. Write out a plan for your business and don’t be afraid to try. I meet talented people everyday that don’t believe in themselves. If you don’t believe in yourself and your product no one will believe in you.
Q. And finally, how do we get our hands on Gemini FlyII
A. I have an etsy shop: I’m on Instagram @itsgeminifly. and Gemini FlyII on Facebook.

Eden Bodyworks CoConut Shea Review / Giveaway (closed)

Hey Curly Gurls,  Im Just Jackie finally got around to wash day.  Today I decided to try the new Eden Bodyworks CoConut Shea product line.  I’ve been meaning to do my review a while back because two of my favorites (coconut oil & shea butter) are the main ingredients in the products!!!
Let me tell you something…The scent is heavenly,a lil goes along way, and I’m in love with this new CoConut Shea Line.  “She” looks and feels amazing!!! I would absolutely recomend this product to my Naturalistas out there.

Eden Bodyworks CoConut Shea Review / Giveaway Video
  • All Natural Cleansing CoWash:  By far my fav cleanser!  It is great for detangling
  • All Natural Leave In Conditioner: Used it as a deep conditoner
  • All Natural Pudding Souffle & Curl Defining Creme:  I did a mixture ( 2parts souffle, 1part creme)…left my hair extremley moisturized
  • Edge Control:  Lays those baby hairs and or tuff edges DOWN!!!
All of these items are on the Eden Bodyworks for $8.99 each

Since I enjoyed the Coconut Shea so much…and beacuse I love my Kinks & Curlies, Im Just Jackie is giving away the CoWash, Leave In Conditioner, Pudding Souffle and Curl Defining Creme!!!  I truly appreciate you all!!! Enter in the RaffleCopter at the bottom of the page. Or click here: