Happy New Year…It’s 2017!!!

Hi Beautifuls this is my first blog post of 2017…Happy New Year!!!¬† The question everyone is asking, “How was 2016 for you…was it good or bad?”¬† Well I’m not going to ask…I say “Let’s not talk about OLD SHIT”¬† I hope everyone’s New Year started off with joy, excitement, enthusiasm, new journey’s and much more. I must say mine started off fantastic mixed with a low or two.¬† But overall I’m here…we are here and ready for 2017!!!

So what are you looking forward to in 2017?¬† I have my Happy Planner ready to go!!!¬† Beautifuls, y’all know I love to spend coins.¬† If you don’t invest in¬†nothing else this year, make sure you purchase some type of planner.¬† I swear if I didn’t have my planner, I would not have accomplished my mini and major goals which lead up to me making a major purchase at the end of 2016.¬† The planner keeps me organized/focused.¬† If you want to do better and see improvement personally and professionally, then invest in yourself and get a planner.¬† The word procrastinator will not be in your vocabulary no more!!!

I must say I’m looking forward to an Amazing, Exciting 2017 with you All ūüôā

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