Small Business Spotlight Feature: Dope Crochet

This week Small Business Spotlight Feature: Dope Crochet @DopeCrochet is a Fav of mine!!! Thank you Ericka for taking time out of your busy schedule ❤ Please take a few moments to get to know Ericka & Dope Crochet!!!

Q. What is your name and where are you from?
Ericka Barnes and I am from Austin, Texas

Q. Can you tell us a little about your company (name, what you offer, when established, etc)?
Dope Crochet, crocheted earrings and other accessories for women, and recently some mens items have been added to the collection. Established in 2011

Q.What was your inspiration behind starting the brand and for each design?
When I decided to go natural, I ended up with an afro that left it hard for me to find accessories that I liked to complement my new hair style so I just made my own. That was pretty much where it grew from.

Q. What distinguishes Dope Crochet from other brands?
The emphasis on the details flow through everything about the brand, from the styles of accessories and their crochet patterns, down to the packaging. No one does it this way.

Q. What challenges have you faced with starting the line?
Balancing graduate school, maintaining the relevancy of the brand, filling big orders all while being pregnant…life has been interesting to say the least but the challenges all have made me stronger.

Q. What personal goals would you like to accomplish with your business?
I think right now to see the brand being welcomed and appreciated by the people who these products are made for stand as a big accomplishment to me. I really like that Dope Crochet has become a lifestyle brand.

Q. Do you have any advice that you would offer to an aspiring entrepreneur?
Keep your brand healthy by always looking for ways to keep it new and improved. Always show your believers, customers/clients, that you appreciate and love them!

Q. And finally, how do we get our hands on Dope Crochet Jewelry? (and on Etsy), (Like US!), @DopeCrochet on twitter, Tumblr as well

Also check out this video:

@DopeCrochet: @im_just_jackie you are too cute!!! This video had me cracking up, LOL!                                                                               


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