SwapSack Review

I know a lot of you subscribe to several monthly box subscriptions.  Then again some of you have subscribed to none.  If you are new to this subscription game, I’m sure you are kind of on the fence on what to try first. Well, Im Just Jackie received a March SwapSack and did a review.
SwapSack is a great starter subscription for anyone who has no subscriptions.  I feel it’s one of the best boxes out there because of cost ($14.50) and the fact that you can swap a product you didn’t like or already have.  Basically, there are two steps when there is ordinarily one.  Which is receiving your subscription every month.  But now there is part two….swapping of unwanted product. I love the concept of SwapSack and the direction it is heading. To see the entire review click on the video clips below.


March SwapSack Part 1 of 2
March SwapSack Part 2 of 2

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