#EarringJunkie Featuring GeminiFlyII

Hi Beautifuls are you an earring junkie??? I am So I decided to do a mini series showcasing my favorite earring designers. My first designer is no other than Ginger, owner of GeminiFlyII. Take a moment to view my feature on one of the best. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for the next #earringjunkie feature coming soon!!!


L’oreal Paris #Extraordinaryhair care Review

Peace family,  I was sent the L’Oreal Paris #extaordinaryhair VoxBox, courtesy of Influenster.  With me being a Naturalista, I was not so enthused to try this product on “She”.  But when I read about the different essential oils (Argan, Chamomile, Coconut, Amla, Soja, Sunflower) the products contained, I was pleasantly surprised!!! And plus could not have arrived at a better time…it was time for a washday.

If you are wondering if a shampoo can really change your hair…watch my review video below and see for yourself.

Included in the VoxBox was the following:   

Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Shampoo – retails between $4.99 to $5.99

Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Conditioner – retails between $3.99 – $4.99

Extraordinary Lustrious Oil Serum – retail $5.99

Not used in the Video:

Extraordinary Oil Leave In Cream

Melanated Sandra Dee 💋

Peace Beautifuls, Some of yall remember “Sandra Dee” from the movie Grease.  Well here’s my vision of the classic…Enjoy 💁

“Sandra Dee”

Cardigan @new2uboo (Instagram)
Tank #oldnavy
Jeans @fashionnova
Shoes #paylessshoes
#lovefashion #style #beyourbiggiestfan #vlogger #blogger #imjustjackie

Be An Influenster!!!

Hi Beautifuls, want to be an Influenster???  What’s an Influenster you may ask???  Definition of Influenster as stated on their website:

Influenster (n.)  A community of over 1.5 million social savvy shoppers that: 

  • Stay on top of the latest product news & expert tips.
  • Review products, share honest opinions with brands and the community.
  • Test products for free based on social media influence.

Becoming an Influenster is simple.  All you have to do is go to http://www.influenster.com and set up an account…IT’S FREE!!  Then start establishing your account by reviewing products, sharing opinions etc.  Pretty soon you will see the rewards of being an Influenster.  Watched my video below to learn more about Influenster and it’s perks.




Peace Beautifuls, in the upcoming weeks I will be do a showcase called #earringjunkie.  You may ask, what’s an “earring junkie”??? Definition – someone who is a lover of earrings, a collector of earrings…  Hey I’ve been called worst by better, lol!!!  The showcases will consist of my favorite earrings and their creators.


The first showcase will feature GeminiFlyII

stay tuned✌