LetsKeepIt💯 Season 2 Episode 5 : Rain on Me

Friday’s at 9pm join  #LetsKeepIt💯 for An Interactive Conversation with @msnicolebanks and @im_just_jackie.

#LetsKeepIt💯 3/1/2019

Opening song – “Rain” performed by SWV

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Tonight’s Topics
1. ‪Jordyn Woods & The Smith’s vs The Kardashian’s ‬
2. Older Black Women Still Love R. Kelly
3. Future denying BBW entry into the club
4. Top 5 debut albums
5. The people of Twitter

Does a man or a woman having multiple children with multiple baby mothers/fathers lose any points with you? is that a red flag

Let’s Keep It💯 Season 2 Episode 3: We Got The Draws!!!

Join Let’s Keep It 💯 for An Interactive Conversation with @theempressnic and @im_just_jackie.  This week we had our first official guests @blkpaco & @PenroseEames of We Got The Draws Podcast!!!  Press Play & Enjoy!!!

#LetsKeepIt💯 Show Notes 2/8/2019

Opening song Ruff neck – MC LYTE

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1. Think Like a Man, Act Like One Too (Lori Harvey)
2. Lack of Female Producers/Men don’t respect female rappers
3. Racism but make it fashion
4. The people of Twitter

Is it better to To have Loved and to have lost than to never have loved at all
Special Guests: We Got The Draws Podcast #WGTDPod

A. Is all attention good attention. What do you do once you have it
B. Will you so for me like I do for you

Listen to #WGTDPod Here:  https://soundcloud.com/wegotthedraws                                  Follow @blkpaco @PenroseEames