Life After 40: Conversation with the Mistress!!!

Listen it has been a long time coming.  But I’m back with a new installment of “Life After 40”!!!  Even though a lot has happened since the last installment.  I promise to catch my Beautifuls up.

Jackie & John The Podcast Episode 16: Not Even on a Brioche Bun

Your FAVORITE Duo is back with the FIRST episode of 2019

We introduce a New Segment with This or That.

We talk about the Power of NO.

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In the Table Topic we discuss Loyalty vs. Respect

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Let’s Keep It 💯: 2018 It’s A Wrap

This time on Let’s Keep It 💯. I had the opportunity to go Live again with The Empress Nic in NY!!! We discussed our highs and lows of 2018, the King of R n B, when did men become so petty and of course our shits and giggles in between.

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