Life After 40: Divorced, It’s Over Now

Beautifuls, in this “Life After 40”  I finally close out the chapter with the now ex-husband!!!  Onward and forward…Excited for my new chapter in Life.  Press play and thank you all for the love and support!!!


LetsKeepIt💯 Season 2 Episode 5 : Rain on Me

Friday’s at 9pm join  #LetsKeepIt💯 for An Interactive Conversation with @msnicolebanks and @im_just_jackie.

#LetsKeepIt💯 3/1/2019

Opening song – “Rain” performed by SWV

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Tonight’s Topics
1. ‪Jordyn Woods & The Smith’s vs The Kardashian’s ‬
2. Older Black Women Still Love R. Kelly
3. Future denying BBW entry into the club
4. Top 5 debut albums
5. The people of Twitter

Does a man or a woman having multiple children with multiple baby mothers/fathers lose any points with you? is that a red flag